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TRY Coast to Coast 2019

On 16th January 2019, in Run Info, by Trailblazer

TRY CHALLENGE Coast to Coast (C2C – Trail running adventure)

C2C WEST: 12th-15th September. 4 days. 5 Nights, includes an overnight at each end of the trip, (11th start and 15th – to celebrate!). Cost £450.

C2C East: Also 4 days -Weekends. To be run as training events prior to September. Dates of which, will be selected to be mutually exclusive (as far as possible) to the team of 10 people booked onto C2C west. The exact format of the training package will be determined once the team is established, but will include at least two consecutive training days (Sat&Sun) requiring an overnight stop. Once the dates are set other non-TRY challenge team members may also be invited to attend.

Whilst the majority of the EAST training package is included, there will be additional costs of overnight accommodation and travel. However, these are anticipated to be no more than £50-100.


– How far will each day be?

The total mileages for EAST and WEST are very similar. EAST is deliberately slightly longer due to the easier terrain. Whilst it is anticipated that some days may include distances of ~26miles this will not be like running a marathon, due to it being spread out across the day incorporating regular breaks and food stops. As a rough guide the majority of the days EAST and WEST will be around ~20 miles.

Are there predetermined start and end points?

Yes, each day has been carefully mapped out for you, and where possible overnight accommodation has been located as near to, or even at, the finish point for that day.

What will the accommodation be like?

All accommodation is hostel or bunkhouse, and as such expect to share a room. There will be bedding and access to showers and toilets, it won’t be luxury but it will feel like it after a days run! Additionally, in some cases we also do not have exclusive use of the hostel so we may have to share communal facilities. This is to try and minimise travel, and keep costs relatively low.

– It says most meals, what will the food be like?

Most meals means breakfast and packed lunch for 4 days, and at least 2-3 evening meals. Where food is not included we will attend a local pub or restaurant or may even eat within the hostel itself. Again this will all be planned, and you will know in advance where and hopefully what you are eating so if nothing else you can have all day to look forward to it!

What happens if I get injured, ill or I am unable to continue?

As well as being in regular close contact with the support crew. The minibus will rendevous (RV) with us at various predetermined stages throughout the day. If at any stage you feel unable to continue we will assist in getting you back to the minibus. Having this backup support also means if you do not want to run for the entire day then you can always opt to hop on or off the bus at the next RV point.

– What happens if I can make C2C WEST and book onto the trip but then I am unable to make some of the EAST training days?

We are hoping to get dates which are mutually exclusive to the group. However, if for any reason you cannot attend as most of the EAST running is on our doorstep we will assist you in trying to organise a self-guided alternative date. Whilst this will not be led you will still have access to the maps and route details as well as the advice and support of your guide and other TRY challenge members.

Furthermore, there is always the option to complete a section after the WEST trip to conclude your Coast to Coast adventure!

I hope this answers most of your questions, if not please feel free to get in touch. Booking Details will be released on Saturday morning and to book you will need to complete a weekend booking form and disclaimer as well as transferring a deposit.

So after all that information? do you want to give it a TRY?

Best Wishes Trail Running Yorkshire


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